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Why A Buying a Rolex Submariner Replica

Good question, out of so many fake Rolexes for sale, why the Submariner? The answer is pretty simple actually. We feel that you, as a customer, deserve only the best and as you very well know, the Submariner is, without any doubt, the most coveted of all replica watches. Most replica lovers even say that it’s the best Rolex replica around.

We wanted it to be somewhat of a twist from the black or the blue Subs that spring to mind in most cases when people think about this collection. To get a better idea about it, it’s a Japanese replica, meaning that it’s powered by a Japanese Miyota self-winding movement. As far as aesthetics go, this watch, like all our fake Rolexes for sale, is an exact replication, meaning everything from weight to size and feel are just perfect! Even our gold plating is done in such a way that will never fade away, not even around the edges, where most other replica watches tend to show how “good” they actually are.

Do you plan to buy a designer watch as a gift for one of your friends? You might have been admiring the Rolex Submariner and you are now thinking if it is going to be an appropriate gift. In fact, watches have always been an excellent choice as gifts. Watches basically tell the time, but they are also some luxurious and stylish accessories.

The Submariner

Rest assured, the Rolex Submariner is the perfect gift for any occasion. It is available in steel, steel and yellow gold, white gold and yellow gold models. The interior of the watch is shield by the oyster case, referred to as a hermetically sealed backing, which includes the distinct and truly splendid triple locking crown. When a Submariner is offered as a gift that refers to a business, as such a remarkable timepiece is not offered as a simple gift.

Fake Rolex Submariner

Shopping for a Designer Watch

The decision to buy a designer watch as a gift is not easy at all. However, once the decision has been made things will eventually fall into place. Just keep in mind the following tips:

  1. Whom you are offering the watch as a gift: the watch should be in accordance with the person the gift is given. The Rolex Submariner will perfectly suit a man who always has an elegant look but also an adventurous spirit. This classic watch was launched in 1953 and has managed to impress a lot of people. Keep in mind the person for whom you are buying the watch, because it is not you who is going to wear it. It is preferable for the design of the watch to perfectly suit his job, lifestyle and personality.
  2. Start the search. There are plenty of places to look for if you want to offer a watch as a gift. Stores are the most convenient places, but you can search for them on the internet. The online market is an excellent place to buy watches, especially if you are in a hurry. Online stores generally have a variety of choices and you will most certainly find the watch you are looking for.
  3. Establish from the start if you want to buy an authentic watch or only a replica. When the watch is offered as a gift, you should purchase an original watch, unless it is too expensive for you. Just keep in mind that you can find top notch Rolex Submariner replica watches that are truly comparable with the original ones. Rolex Korea price for a Submariner replica looks just as remarkable as the real one, thus, if you consider that the person will be happy with the replica, you can definitely buy it.

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About the brand

23 Feb | 9 comments
Why the name ?

rolexfake - the was already taken and the X can stand for any letter in the alphabet so why not.

ROPEX - based on the fact that P is located close to the L on the QWERTY keyboard and people often accidentally press it by mistake.

Ro1ex - with a (1) ONE instead of the small letter l. visually similar
see: Rolex ~ Ro1ex

RQLEX and ROLEK - more visually similar names that could be mistaken for the real logo.
ROLLEX - if you write it how it phonetically sounds it could be argued that there should be two letters LL in the name.
RLEX - with a missing O. If you don’t press the key hard enough it will not register and you will end up with a 4 letter word. ROEX, ROLE, ROLX, ROLE, OLEX - same as mentioned before with one random letter missing from the name.
Another fun fact is that Rolex Watch U.S.A., Inc. owns and so in a way indoreses more than 7000 domains connected with their brand, many of them misspellings! (And Swiss Rolex SA owns another 5000+) Some examples:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
To have the full name ROLEX as a part of a domain name is a sure way to end up on their radar and judging from the 7k+ domains they have seized they have the means to take it from the original registrant.

And now a quiz question - what do domains of the big brands like | | | | | | have in common with the fake Rolex sites? Well they all end up on the exact same IP addresses belonging to the Corporation Service Company® (CSC®) that hosts about a quarter of a million domains on an extremely limited variety of addresses in their cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN). On their site they claim that they are a solutions provider for 90% of the Fortune 500® companies. Sucks for the 90% as they get hosted together on the same hardware with domains like and - IP

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August 18th, 2012

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